Apr 13, 2017

Without A Home

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“Surround yourself with only positive people”

Joel Dawson is a Military Veteran, World Class speaker, and 6 years ago he was without a home.  A series of unfortunate decisions and events lead Joel to lose everything in his life. Then there was his wake up call The Puddle | The Choice to live or die. Picking himself up from his bootstraps Joel began an insurance company out of a crack hotel in Louisiana, that grew to cover 11 parishes. Today Joel is founder of J. Dawson speaks, where his focus is helping new companies pitch their business.  Joel has made the choice to design every piece of his life, and in Episode 12, he shares how.

Top takeaways 

  1. Lesson’s from being homeless
  2. The Decision
  3. Change your circle
  4. It’s not about me


“It took being homeless to realize there is good people in this world”

“Competition is the only way to grow get in the ring even if it’s only for fun”

“To be good takes commitment, to be great takes sacrifice”

“Craft a perfect life down to the people in it”

Side Notes 

J Dawson Speaks

The Puddle : The Choice to Live or Die


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