Jul 21, 2016

Time to Switch Lanes?

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Imagine being stuck in traffic. When it seems like the line of cars will never move! Even when the light turns green, you remain stuck in traffic.
Meanwhile the lane to your left is flowing swiftly to their destination unimpeded. By this point you are probably gripping the steering wheel, ready to switch lanes, hit the gas, and go.
Switching lanes now to life, and progress, people like you and I get stuck in the same sort of positions daily.
Between relationships, jobs, emotions, growth, getting stuck is a part of life. It’s Murphy’s law– what can go wrong will go wrong.
It’s also harder to switch lanes in life than it is in traffic, or at least it seems that way. Regardless the frustration remains, when you can’t find enough space to make the change.
So how do you know when it’s time to switch lanes? I remember when I was playing football at Miami (OH) – I was convinced athletics was my lane. But it wasn’t. by year 4, I couldn’t wait to switch lanes.
I wanted more, athletics no longer gave me the satisfaction or stimulation. I knew nonviolent engagement with people, was the new place to be. In reflection, I had to essentially pull off to the side of the road, and figure out where I was going next. Maybe you have done the same?
The most impactful question that I asked to figure out my direction was, why do you do what you do? It’s a difficult question, that might take time to answer, but the time is worth it.
And that’s the second question – Is it worth it? Ask yourself is what I’m doing right now worth it. Not in anybody else’s eyes, but is it worth it for you?
There isn’t a “right” lane, or a “wrong lane”, but there is a lane for you. It depends on where you want to be so keep moving and adjusting to find which lane is for you.
A few examples of the lanes we are in, and the ones to switch too.
Parking Lane – Reflection, when you aren’t quite sure about the next destination, or you aren’t sure where you are right now.
Pulling off to park is a great way to “speed up by slowing down”, you may be moving swiftly, but if you don’t know why you are going that way what’s the point? Pull over and reflect.
Smooth flow – You are here because it’s where you are supposed to be. You aren’t here because someone else believes you should be.  But because this is where you are supposed to be.
Transition – Like merging onto the highway. You have decided to switch lanes, and patiently waiting for the opportunity to do so. Synonymous with growth, growing passed where you were, to a place that’s more suitable to live the way you are supposed to.
The assertive – Your sites locked on definite destination. Perhaps you don’t know what’s at the end of the road, but you are certain that this is what you want to do.
Sometimes it means being radically different than your peers, marching to your own beat making decisions that even the people closest to you don’t understand. Which causes hesitancy on your journey, but do it anyway!
Nobody gets to live your life but you, live it how you want too.
Note: This list is not inclusive of the possibilities. Leave your comments below about your thoughts and additional lanes that I’ve missed.

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  • Rico Zounlome
    Jul 22, 2016

    Great Blog Tre!! So true, so many times we begin and end the day on “autopilot” nevef really questioning why it is that we do what we do, never giving ourselves time to think about what we really want to do. It’s amazing how minutes, days, months, and years can go by in complacency; doing the same thing we did today as we did yesterday. Thanks for your blog, it was very thought-provoking and needd. Keep up the great work and we’re all proud of you in the Bend!!!

    • Profile photo of Lebbaeus Davidson
      Lebbaeus Davidson
      Dec 2, 2016

      Thank you Rico!There is so much more we have to offer, but it’s much easier to stay in the same plate.


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