Feb 24, 2017

The Opposite of Welfare

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“Some people get up and see their parents go to work, or to church, others see their parents go to jail and do drugs”

Part 2, and Episode 5 of The Dash Podcast out today, with Guest Andre Gammage, 20 years of Law Practice, 3 years as a judge, and 4 well raised kids to show for it. Judge Gammage explains the PYCE (Prepare Your Child’s Education), and back door incites of parentinig.

Top Takeaways

1)      Small things make the big difference

2)      The opposite of welfare

3)      Mindset and taking responsibility


“you’ll never learn if there is an excuse every time”

“How long have you been waiting for someone to do something for you? No one is going to care about or do for your kids the way you should.”

At some point it’s your life, and as a parent my children represent me”

“The people you shake hands with approately can be the ones to change your life.


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