Dec 2, 2016

It’s Already Inside

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The king told his son on his twelfth birthday, that he could have anything he wanted. The young Prince boldly claimed. “I want a statue of myself” – to which his Father laughed, in confusion. The prince had a severe humpback, he couldn’t stand up straight.

“Son, why don’t you pick something else.” He thought his son’s disability was ugly, why would he want a statue of himself. “Dad I don’t want a statue as I am right now, I want a statue as I will one day become.  Standing tall, strong, and confident.” The Father laughed again but complied, with his son’s request.

Is there a part of you that people think is ugly? A limitation someone tried to place on you.  The prince didn’t see himself for his current situation. He saw himself as he wanted to be.

Do you only see yourself as you are, or can imagine where you will be? Everything that you need is already inside you. And you must begin by knowing you have already arrived.

When I arrived in college, this is a lesson I wish was already in my pocket. I was an athlete, in high school, I considered myself  ferocious on the football field. My ego was through the roof. but a shoulder surgery, and arrival on campus let me realize that there was a long way to go.

My ego met reality, I was playing against grown men, with beards, kids, and 5 years older than me. I still remember that first Oklahoma drill, with two 275 pound linemen in front of me. and a fifth-year senior running back, standing 10 yards away, right before our 400 pounds of mass colide like gladiators in battle. The only thing that went through my mind, was how the hell am I going to tackle this dude.

For 3 out of 4 years in college I waited my turn. I worked hard and wanted to get on the field, but I didn’t believe I was as good as the guys on my own team. And back then we sucked, the worst team in the country type of bad.  In high school, I was the biggest, fastest, strongest guy on the team. Nobody could stop me.

Now everybody on the team, was the best player. It felt like I had to earn my stripes, fall in line, and do enough to stay in the middle, until the day it’s time to wait for my turn. And the coaches pick me to be the man again, making the plays.

It was harder than I thought though, those first two years I didn’t touch the field. Coach told me I sucked so bad he would cut me and put me on waiver wires on ESPN, so my family could see how bad I sucked.

“He said tre’ you don’t look like tarzan, and you don’t play like Jane. Because Jane was a tough, son of a b…”

As you would imagine, the coaches stopped believing in me, and I stopped believing in myself. Waiting for a day of arrival it will never come.  Somewhere along life’s journey those childish qualities of imagination, and deep faith leave us.

Hindering those with the most to offer, feeling like there is nothing to contribute. Do you know where the wealthiest place on the planet is?

The graveyard. Inside a graveyard lies all the dreams that people were too afraid to live, all the thoughts that weren’t shared. The cure for cancer, the solution for poverty, the resolution for world peace is buried in a graveyard.

Finally it made since, my roommate of 4 years would always tell me “tre’ you are better than what you are showing. When you step on the field you have to know that you are it, that there is nobody else that can do what you can.”

And he was right, and it’s right for you. You have more too offer, and it doesn’t take the extra time you say you need. It doesn’t take all the money you think you don’t have. It takes you forgetting about resources, and becoming resourceful.  The greatest resource you can call on is already inside of you. it’s you! and I don’t want my dreams to die with me, do you?

Stop acting like you don’t deserve a better life, you do.  You get to decide what to become in the world, ]even if you like where you are, keep going. All that you need to become that person, isn’t a goal, or a destination, an amount of money that you will reach. It’s the person that you will have to become to attain those things.

That thing that you know you can have, find a way to bring it out, sweat for it, sacrifice for it, work for it, how much are you willing to pay, to change the direction of your life?

The the prince had his statue placed directly outside of his window, so every day the prince would wake up and look out the window to see himself, standing tall, strong, and confident. Every single day, for 8 years, this prince would stretch.

Do you think he ever wanted to quit? He didn’t, on his 20th birthday he walked outside, and stood eye to eye with his statue, tall, strong, and confident. Exactly how he knew he would be.

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