Mar 3, 2017

Hold Nothing Back EP 6

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“when someone has a dream it causes you to say i want to be like them, or want to be a part of their dream. “

In 2004 Justin stepped out on Faith to support his brothers purpose of impacting youth (5 Star Life).  And 6 years it was time for Justin to let go and hold nothing back, Creating Leader Legacy Inc,  to Develop leaders, Inspire teams, and Build Legacies.

Which has taken Justin’s impact from a local business conference to a global LEAD USA (link) Which has featured the likes of John Maxwell, Bonnie St. John, Les Brown, and in 2017 Eric Thomas

Success creates significance, Justin has built a business that funds a purpose bigger than him, each goal is a stepping stone to achieving the purpose.

Top Takeaways

  • Victory Loves Preparation
  • The Compound Effect
  • Develop Leaders, Inspire teams, Build Legacy

Quotes & Side notes

“Nothing big in life happens unless you are willing to do the little things”

“In my past I relied on skill for victory, but I never prepared for it. Now it’s intentional”

“Your why is about pursuing purpose and that never ends”

Side Notes

  • Morning Routines
  • Growth oriented vs growth oriented
  • 7 Practices to determine team success

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