Apr 4, 2016

15 Quick facts about Me

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  1. I’m playful as all out doors! Ask somebody that knows me and they will surely tell you I’m the family goof ball, the class clown, and a lighthearted lover of people!
  2. Growing up my first sport at age 6 was baseball but after they threw that curve ball I had to change sports!
  3. Born and raised in South Bend Indiana! Finishing High school at South Bend Clay.  However I did spend 2 years in the state capitol Indianapolis.
  4. There are 5 siblings that inspire me every day! 4 brothers, in chronological order Austin, DeLorean, Saeed, Zane. And my wonderful sister Valencia!
  5. One day In high school I stopped to get gas and when I looked up I saw a bill board with me on it! My mom worked for an advertising company and they agreed to put an enlarged photo shopped picture of me that read  “Tackle your dreams Tre’, Love mom Saeed, and Zane! It was up for 2 weeks before I even noticed it.
  6. While professional football ended up being out of my league I was blessed to play at Miami University (oh). Gaining experience on national television, 2 professional stadiums (New England Patriots, and Cincinnati Bengals), the smurf turf of Boise State, SEC, Big 10, and 102,268 screaming fans at Michigan University!
  7. Speaking of Universities, Miami University is the real Miami, Not The University of Miami (the one in Florida). The Redhawks were a school when the Hurricanes belonged to Spain!
  8. My biggest goal in life is to make an impact on everybody I come in contact with!
  9. My final semester in college I took a risk and studied abroad! Belvaux, Luxembourg served as my home for 4 months, and classmates and I were able to see 14 countries in that span!
  10. In Kindergarten my teachers said I would be a baseball player and child psychologist, they weren’t too far off, I majored in Psychology in college, and played football!
  11. While football was my sport and platform in college, I had a better career off the field! I didn’t get my first start until I became a Senior!
  12. Growing up I was slow to learn how to read, today reading, writing, and speaking are my favorite things to do. All three have become my stress release in life! Reading to ease my mind, writing to release pain, and speaking to make an impact.
  13. I talk way too much! Depending on my environment I will be overly observant and slow to speak, but once I start talking its all over for your ears. I won’t stop.
  14. Old 90’s Movies and Neo soul music are a definite weakness of mine! Erykah Badu, Tony, Tone, Toni, Love Jones, Do the Right Thing, D’angelo.
  15. I can’t think any more if you want more you can email me at tre@tregammage.com, or check out some more blogs in the links below!

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