Apr 6, 2017

Healing Hurts

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“Offer a leg up not a hand out, we don’t want to be the crutch, we want to help you realize you can walk, even if it’s a limp”

The journey of Nefetarri Small’s abusive upringing, and unfortunate life event’s have been transformed into two books Identity Chasers, and Cries from within and now set to release throughout the state of South Carolina with 4 special showcases throughout the state. Nefetarri and Husband Oddie Small’s have encountered a divine connection that’s allowed them to grow together in Ministry, Business, Life partnership, and the Makings of a movie. Find out more about Nefetarri and Oddie Small’s below

Top Takeaways

1) Healing Hurt’s

2) Sowing Seed’s

3) If you can do it it’s not God.


“She escaped through the pen to tell her story”

“Don’t be afraid of how big your dream is”

“Have the courage to step out and be yourself. And have an identity of yourself. “

“If you aren’t sure who you are there is no way you can sway someone else.”

Side Notes 

Healing Hurts

Escaped To tell 

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