Feb 2, 2017

Go Before You’re Ready

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“When someone starts to see more for you than you see for yourself, your purpose has outgrown your vision”

A year ago Brian Forte was folding sweaters at New York and Company, today he is the owner of the Soul Fusion Family owned, most popular restaurant down town. MezzoForte Restaurant and play house.

While opening the restaurant Brian also toured his play The Gospel of Oz through South Carolina’s bible belt. Coming from the poor black south, Brian has become everything that people said he shouldn’t be.

And he has an amazing ability to make the things in his head come to life.

Top Takeaways

  • Making Idea’s reality
  • Defining your wealth
  • Reset

Quotes and Side Notes

“The pressure of life we will take down the vision of who we are just to get y day to day. Not focused on my purpose and who I really was.”

“What’s supposed to happen will happen, you just have to be prepared.”

“Many people accept defeat, I move on quickly”

Side notes

  • The great times and the not so good times.
  • We can run from our past or utilize it.
  • God, Solace, and Art

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