Jul 28, 2016

Get Lost!

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Get lost

As a young child getting lost in Walmart, or the park or anywhere was a nightmare. Do you remember being lost? Having to find your way back, it brings unknowns.

Today getting lost is different, it still brings unknowns, but in a good way. Just about two years ago I was able to travel abroad with 128 college students.  When we arrived in Europe, Luxembourg to be exact the first lesson we learned was to get lost. In a foreign land, where nothing made sense, no language, directions, or support.

At first the message was odd, but stepping outside of your comfort zone is where growth happens. That’s exactly what happened, each time I had a new experience, I felt more confident as a person.  Because, now I know, i’m capable, I know I can have what I want.

Your experience doesn’t need to be had while traveling, it can happen at your local garden, visiting a coffee shop, and let your mind wonder, where would you like to go? What do you want to do?

In Les Brown’s Live Your Dreams – There is a story about living in a known hell or an Unknown heaven.

Known hell – A situation that doesn’t meet all of your needs, but its just good enough.  You know what comes next.

Unknown hell – Taking a chance on your life. Going out the door labeled unknown and finding out that freedom was so close all along.

It’s easy to fall into the comfort of security, it provides the basic human functions.  But you deserve what ever it is that you desire. Take a chance on your life. Get lost
Action step

Do something different – You don’t have to be out of the country to get lost. Just do something different. On your way home stop at a cafe you haven’t been too, go to the garden a couple blocks from home.  Or be even more spontaneous and buy a plane ticket a year in advance, figure out how to afford the rest later.

Make time, to get lost, provide growth for your mind.  Leave your phone in the car and enjoy time for you, let your mind wonder and see where you end up.

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