The Dash


A powerful message that represents not only what you do, but why you do it.  The Dash is what makes up every day of your life.  We aren’t remembered for the day we are born, or for the day that we die. We are remembered for the things we do in our Dash.  The Dash will inspire you to live each day with a purpose, to create the life you deserve to live.

Key’s to the Dash

  1. Earn every step
  2. Make every decision count
  3. Everything you need, is already inside

Working With Millenials


Working with Millennials |Training

The work force has been overtaken by the Millennial generation. How do you work with someone who has received instant gratification their entire life, participation trophies, and the cloud.  The role of a leader at work has changed. But people are still people, Working with Millennials is an in depth personal presentation to better understand the Millennial generation.

Key’s to Millennials |

  1. Support | The new role of leaders at work
  2. Patience | Deep meaningful relationships
  3. Autonomy | To work together
  4. Fun | Work life balance
  5. Giving back | The Secret to living

Know your Limits


The greatest limitation in life is the limit you place on yourself.  Created to explore the possibilities within you, know your limits challenges your excuses, and expands your vision. Time is the only thing that is equal in this world, wouldn’t we all like a little extra money?  And that decision I wish I could take back, it happened. When we shift our mindset, and the definitions of your limits, your world changes. When you start to see with your mind’s eye, you will receive all that your eyes can see.

Key’s to limits

  1. With no enemy inside, the enemy outside can do no harm
  2. Through pain comes purpose
  3. Stop acting like you don’t deserve
  4. See it in your head, hold it in your hand

Millennials in work | Training


As Millennials we have become a staple in the work force. Yet there is still things we are missing on how to really be fulfilled, success, impact, a goal is what we chase.  The only problem is you won’t arrive until you realize you are already there. What is it that you really want at work? Define it for yourself, with Millennials at work.

Key’s to Millennials in work

1)      Support | perspective, growth, and potential

2)      Patience | Why do you do what you do?

3)      Autonomy | Collaboration, and doing what I do best

4)      Fun | Work life balance, don’t fall for the trap

5)      Giving Back | The secret to living is giving, do your part

Speaking Topics


I speak on a variety of topics, Leadership, team building, traveling abroad, athletics, as well as motivation, and inspiration.

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