May 12, 2017

Failing Got Me Started


Jame Turner, Microsoft Account Executive, I got rehabs real estate, and entrepreneur for over 10 years.

“When we see the grind, we don’t want it for some reason, but that’s the only path you can take”

In high school James and his cousin’s started their first business, F.A.M, Fashions And More. It also represents family, in the past 10 years James has developed multiple successful companies, like I Got Rehabs, DGT presents brand management, and is a Microsoft Account Executive.

James work in the business world fuels his purpose, providing opportunities for young people, In Chicago, Indianapolis, and South Bend Indiana.

Top Takeaways

1.Failing got me started

2.Mentor’s are important

3.Document the process


“People will look for their passion and neglect current responsibility. That’s something you can’t do”

“Everyone has an epic idea, when you find that epic idea you find your purpose”

“I’m willing to go through the process to find what will make my purpose work”

“Dreams are great but if you aren’t putting in any work, it’s only an idea”

Side notes

Major League Productivity, Microsoft Feature

http://www.jamestravisturner.com/ – previous work

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