Mar 10, 2017

Championship Lifestyle

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“Once you understand your purpose, the pressure of the pursuit is worth it”

Toyinda Smith a former walk on to Purdue University’s Track and Field team, walked out an 8 time Big 10 Medalist, and 5 time champion. Today that Championship Lifestyle is available in the form of Online Training camps, to pull towards victory, and press to maintain a standard of excellence.

Top Takeaways

1)      Become a Champion

2)      Pain Is Purpose

3)      To be a woman


“The first thing to do is take a step, it doesn’t matter which direction”

“A Legacy of Lifting”

“To reach your capacity zone you have to release your comfort zone”

“If a man is fulfilled, you are confident in your direction, than your woman will be happy to help life you”

Side notes

Equation and Methods

Who do I get to be

Gaining Influence

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